2023 PCL Prediction Contest: Submit Your Predictions And Win Prizes

The 2023 Pro Chess League is upon us! Some of the game’s brightest stars have been divided into 16 teams and will be competing for their part of the $150,000 prize fund. Whether you’re a grandmaster or not, YOU can also win prizes as part of the Pro Chess League. Specifically, you can compete in our weekly prediction contest and have a chance to win Chess.com memberships and other amazing prizes.

How To Play

Simply go to this form and fill in your predictions for the week. What will the smallest margin of victory be? How many games will start with 1. e4? How many Sicilian Defenses will be played? Questions will vary each week. If you get the correct answer, you’ll receive a point. 

Prizes will be awarded on a weekly basis as well as an overall prize at the end of the competition, so there’s always something to play for, no matter what your previous results were.

Every week will also feature an especially difficult question at the end that will challenge even the best and brightest among us. This question is the tiebreaker that will help decide the winner if needed.

Even if the chess action doesn’t go how you thought it would, you still have a chance to win a three-month Diamond Chess.com membership just by supporting your favorite team. Pick your team in the form and repost the auto-generated graphic on social media (using the hashtag #prochess) to enter the draw!

Best of luck, and enjoy the 2023 Pro Chess League! We’re looking forward to seeing your predictions.

Enter Your Predictions

Weekly and overall prizes are as follows:

3 months Diamond to winner Merch package
3 months to Social Media winner 1 year Diamond
1 month to random participants Private chess lesson with IM Kassa Korley

Note: This contest is void in all areas where prohibited by law.

Procedures for Contacting and Announcing Winners and Giving Out Prizes

We will be in touch with winners through Messages on Chess.com or via the e-mail provided in their submission.

Contact will be made within one calendar week after the contest ends.

If prizes are given out continuously throughout an event, contact will be made one week after the event ends.

In contests where winners are picked randomly from chats on Twitch, YouTube, and Chess.com, everyone who gave the correct answer will be raffled using software that will ensure an impartial and random selection of winners.

By participating in the event, you are consenting to Chess.com using your name/image for purpose of administration, prize fulfillment, use in a publicly available winners list, and related Chess.com event promotion.

Read more about our policy for contests in Giveaways, Games of Chance, and Sweepstakes.

NB: If you have received no contact after a week, you can claim your prize by contacting support@chess.com. 




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