Celebrate Mother’s Day With The New Mom Bots

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to start celebrating and showing appreciation to that special someone who gave you life. Four new mom bots are waiting on our Play Computer page to spend some quality time with you and play chess. But hurry—they’ll be gone after Mother’s Day is over! 

While you wait for Mother’s Day to come, you can play against the Mom With Cookies, Mom With Hugs, Mom With Advice, and fearsome Mom With Chancla. Each mom has her own personality and playing style, but they’re all ready to love you in their own way.

You can now play chess against the new mom bots
You can find all the new mom bots on our Play Computer page.

Here is a quick look at each of the new mom bots:

Mom With Cookies

Playing strength: 800.

Mom With Cookies is equipped with a platter full of cookies for you and is ready to make you smile. She enjoys the game, but prefers eating sugary baked treats!

Play chess against the Mom With Cookies bot

Mom With Hugs

Playing strength: 1200.

Nothing makes the supportive and loving Mom With Hugs happier than hugging her baby! No matter what you do, this mom will always have her arms open wide for a hug.

Play chess against the Mom With Hugs bot

Mom With Advice

Playing strength: 1600.

The helpful Mom With Advice cares for you a lot and always has some good advice ready for you. She is a strong chess player, and is always happy to help you—on or off the chessboard!

Play chess against the Mom With Advice bot

Mom With Chancla

Playing strength: 2000

This mom has her chancla ready to discipline you. Mom With Chancla might sound too harsh at times, but she’s only doing it because she loves you and wants to see you succeed. Be prepared to get hit by some serious tactics—and a few flying chanclas.

Play chess against the Mom With Chancla bot

Head over to Chess.com/Play/Computer now to play against the new mom bots! While you are there, try out bots like IM Danny Rensch, GM Hikaru Nakamura and more top players and famous personalities!



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