Collegiate Chess League 2022 Summer Season: Bullet and Bughouse Championships

The Collegiate Chess League is excited to announce the 2022 summer season featuring the bullet and bughouse college championships! This summer season will span the four weeks of August and starts with the bullet championship on August 6 with the finals on August 13. Bughouse will start the following week on August 20 with the finals on August 28. All matches will be streamed live on our Twitch and YouTube channels. 

These summer events mark the first time we’ve done a bullet championship as well as a bughouse championship, and similar exciting events can be expected in future summer seasons. These extra time controls and variants compliment the CCL’s regular season which consists of rapid and blitz time controls. Registration for the 2022-2023 season will open on August first, and more details on the exciting upcoming season were announced here in partnership with NACE, the largest collegiate esports league in North America. 


Bullet Championship

  • Qualifiers

    • Players will play in a 20-round 1+0 Swiss tournament.
    • The result standings from this tournament will be used to determine the divisions with 8 players in each division.

  • Playoffs

    • Each division of 8 players will be put into a double-elimination bracket. 
    • A match between two players is a best of 15 1+0 games, first to 8 points wins.
    • If both players tie at 7.5 points, the next player to win a game wins the match.
    • If the grand finals match needs a reset, the final match will be a best of 7 games. 

Bughouse Championship

  • Qualifiers

    • All bughouse games are 3+0
    • There will be four arena qualifier tournaments, one hour in length each.
    • The top four teams from each arena will qualify for the playoffs. 
    • Once a team qualifies, they cannot play in any further qualifier arenas. 

  • Playoffs

    • A single elimination bracket of the 16 qualifying teams will determine the champion
    • The team’s standings from their qualifier will determine their seeding in the bracket

      • The four qualifier winners will each be a number-one seed, and so on. 

    • A match between two teams is a best of 10 games, first to 5.5 points wins. 
    • If both teams tie at 5 points, the next team to win a game wins the match.


  • Bullet Registration: Closes August 5 at 10pm PT
  • Bullet Qualifier: August 6 at 11am PT
  • Bullet Playoffs: August 13 at 11am PT
  • Bughouse Registration: Closes August 19 at 10pm PT
  • Bughouse Qualifier 1: August 20 at 10am PT
  • Bughouse Qualifier 2: August 20 at 1pm PT
  • Bughouse Qualifier 3: August 21 at 10am PT
  • Bughouse Qualifier 4: August 21 at 1pm PT
  • Bughouse Playoffs Round 1: August 27 at 10am PT
  • Bughouse Playoffs Round 2: August 27 at 11am PT
  • Bughouse Playoffs Round 3: August 28 at 10am PT
  • Bughouse Playoffs Round 4: August 28 at 11am PT


Although there are no cash prizes for our inaugural summer season, will be giving out premium memberships for both the bullet and bughouse playoffs. Additionally, college chess clubs participating in the College Ambassador Program are eligible to receive extra memberships just for registering. 


Registration for both events is now open, and you can fill them out below. 

For the bughouse registration form, make sure you register with a partner who will also need to fill out the form. 

You can find a full list of details, prizes, and rules for the 2022 summer season here.

Be sure to join our bullet and bughouse club pages once you register, and join our discord server to keep up to date on all our announcements. For any questions regarding the CCL or College Ambassador Program please reach out to League’s Commissioner Joe Lee at or on discord at JoeBruin#9672.


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