FIDE Forms Investigatory Panel For Carlsen/Niemann Controversy

The International Chess Federation has announced plans to form an investigatory panel with the intention to check both GM Magnus Carlsen‘s claims of alleged cheating by GM Hans Niemann and Niemann’s own statement regarding online cheating.

A week after President Arkady Dvorkovich announced that FIDE was “prepared to task its Fair Play commission with a thorough investigation of the incident,” this plan became more concrete. FIDE has now announced that its Fair Play Commission decided to create an investigatory panel, consisting of three members of the commission who will have “the possibility to call for a consultation with external experts wherever analysis is required.”

The members are WIM Salomeja Zaksaite of Lithuania (chairperson), a scholar of criminal law and criminologist, Vinzent Geeraets, an assistant professor at the department of Legal Theory and History at VU University, and Klaus Deventer, an international arbiter and substitute member of the FIDE Arbiters Commission.

The investigation will focus on two things: the world champion’s claims of alleged cheating by Niemann, and Niemann’s own statement regarding online cheating. The panel will “examine the circumstances, compile and analyze all the data and evidence available, and ascertain the facts and allegations that have been made public.”

“In the best interest of the chess community, we would kindly ask the public to refrain from speculations on the outcomes and potential sanctions until all available facts are well considered, and a proper investigation is finalized,” said Zaksaite.

Meanwhile, has announced on Twitter that it will soon come with more information as well:



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