Flash Report: Lei Wins Final With Round To Spare

This is a flash report. Full report coming soon.

GM Lei Tingjie defeated GM Tan Zhongyi with the black pieces in game five on Monday. With her second victory in a row, Lei has clinched victory of the final of the FIDE Women’s Candidate’s Tournament 2022-2023 with a round to spare.

She has earned the fight to challenge GM Ju Wenjun for the women’s world championship later this year.

How to watch?
You can watch the 2022-2023 FIDE Women’s Candidates Tournament on our Twitch channel. Games from the event can be viewed on our events page.

Here is Lei’s match-ending victory, annotated by GM Rafael Leitao

The 2022-23 Women’s Candidates Tournament is an elite event featuring eight top female players, who compete in a knockout format for a share of the €250,000 prize fund and the right to play in the Women’s World Championship match against Women’s World Champion Ju Wenjun.

The final is a six-game match between GMs Lei Tingjie and Tan Zhongyi from March 29-April 5. The prize fund is 110,000 euros. The time control is 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move one. A draw offer before move 40 is not allowed. 

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