IM Minh Le Obliterates a Titled Arena while Soccer Slowly Fades into Obscurity

IM Minh Le won the May Titled Bullet Arena on Saturday by a gigantic 36 point margin. Winning his first Titled Arena way back in September of 2017, Le has been a regular at the top of the leaderboard from the beginning. It is one of the largest margins of victory for a Titled Arena ever. Second place was another regular, GM Oleksandr Bortnyk. Third place was young Greek GM Nikolas Theodorou who had a long and profitable day. He also won a strong Chessable prize tournament that ran directly before the Titled Arena began.

In an effort to pull viewers away from the UEFA Champion’s League Final on Sunday Lichess scheduled the Titled Arena at precisely the same time. (Nothing personal UEFA, its just business.) In order to #GrowTheGame we must sometimes #DeGrow other sports. The anti-competitive strategy seems to have worked out well for Lichess. 355 chess players participated in the Titled Arena while only 22 could be found to play in the Soccer game.

(EDITORS NOTE: The word “soccer” was used in this article instead of “football.” This is because the word “soccer” is the correct one to describe the sport, in comparison to the word “football,” which would be wrong.)

Enjoy some puzzles from Saturday’s event!

The next Titled Arena will be on June 4. The next UEFA Champion’s League final with be on June 10th, 2023 if they haven’t gone our of business by then.



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